I wonder if this reminder has anything to do with the BBC programme on Kids Company which is due to air next Wednesday? It is fair to say that the CC guidance is well written but trustees don't always know what free guidance is available and how/where to find it. Last year, the CC website moved to the .gov.uk website - this hasn't helped busy trustees. This bulletin highlights 3 documents:

  1. Managing a charity's finances: planning, managing difficulties & insolvency; 
  2. Charity Reserves
  3. Charity governance, finance & resilience: 15 questions trustees should ask - the guidance shows as December 2012 ... but there is now a infographic

It's also always good to talk to other people (and/or professionals) who have been through similar challenges. I think the subtext of the message from the CC may be this - if you haven't got time to read the guidance, then should you be a trustee?

PS there is also another veiled reference to how many new charities are being set up each month. Sector commentators are voicing concerns about the huge volume of charitable entities.