Our national budget is complex - budget announcements seem to apply to everyone and no one all at the same time. As a business owner and entrepreneur, what I find is often missing is help to understand what many of these technical pronouncements mean for me, my team, my customers and my business. So, in advance of today’s budget announcement, here are 7 questions I would like to ask George:

  1. Simplify: How is your budget going to simplify the administration of my business so that I can focus on delivering value to my customers?
  2. Skills: How will you help us both access and develop skilled people so we can deliver world class products and services?
  3. Costs: What are you doing to maintain or reduce some of our cost base to help us operate more competitively and profitably?
  4. Infrastructure: How are you extending and enhancing the existing business infrastructure so that the UK is one of the best places to run a business?
  5. Markets: How are you helping us grow existing markets and access new ones at home and abroad?
  6. Responsibilty: What are you doing to make it easier for us to operate in more socially and environmentally responsible ways?
  7. Oxfordshire: As a business owner based in Oxfordshire, how is your budget going to impact us directly?

As a business owner, I realise I play a big part in building a great business and a thriving local community. George, we invite you to help us do this even better.

Together with our friends at Critchleys and Hedges Law, we’ll be offer live commentary on this Passle as the budget is announced. If you have any questions for us, please share them in a comment below.