So if you look on any of the popular consumer technology websites, you will be able to find numrous articles on;

'The best 10 smartphones you can buy today'

Included in these lists, amongst the Samsung and Apple offerings is a highly rated, Chinese made, smartphone called the Oneplus One.

Not only is this phone better specced than the majority of it's competition (certainly better than the iPhone 5s) but it costs half the amount.

The only snag is, you can only buy one if you can find (and convince) a current Oneplus One owner to give you one of the 3 invites they received when they purchased their phone.

The idea does make some sense; rather than annoy a lot of potential customers by taking orders which they will be unable to fulfil for, say 6 weeks, they are managing the process by only releasing invites when they have sufficient stock to sell.

Were they a client of mine, I'd certainly have had a discussion as to whether the typical smartphone purchaser will tolerate not being able to purchase a phone when they want to - early adopters being the sort who will upgrade as soon as possible - are they really going to wait 6 to 8 weeks to try and find an invite...?