Since introducing the option to subscribe to their software Sage have had an increasingly significant number of client choose this as their preferred option.

The main bonuses for choosing this option include;

Always being on the latest version, therefore having access to the most update to date features such as Bank Feeds (v2016 onwards).

Inclusive Online or Extra support

Access to Sage Drive; to enable clients to push their data into the cloud to make it accessible to them (and us!) from anywhere!

Knowing how much you are spending on your IT can help with budget handling. Purchasing the software or upgrading on an ad-hoc basis can be expensive if not expected.

On the other hand; your personal business requirements may negate the need for one of the higher versions offered within the subscription and I have clients who have happily used the same version, without upgrading, for going-on a decade. Obviously, this depends on your needs and preferences.

If you would like to discuss these with us and take advantage of our Accountants Club discount then contact either myself or Josie Trainor on 01865 261100.